Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Organizational Charts

On Monday I promised I would post our Assignment Sheet and Organizational Chart System.

Remember that we have a nine day, Two-Week cycle.  Week A is 5 days and we do History lessons and assigned Science reading.  Week B is 4 days and we do Science lessons with assigned History Readings.  This schedule worked well for us accomplishing both History and Science last year.  Because we have a two-week schedule, though, I have two sets of assignment sheets.

We're trying something new, from Mystie, Weekly Meetings.  On Friday afternoons, I'm spending about 45 minutes with each of the children reviewing the past week, updating their GoodReads accounts with books read and reviews, and setting assignments for the coming week.  During this meeting, their week's Assignment Sheet is filled out and put into a plastic, three-prong folder.  The old one is given to me to be stapled with my records of the week. 

My records include 1) Circle Time checklist, 2) Weekly Assignment Checklist, 3) children's Assignment Sheets.  Those are the forms you'll find in the embedded document below.

The Circle Time checklist is used for Circle Time.  We attempt to do four days of Circle Time a week.  I fill the form out as we go.  This practice allows me the flexibility of shortening, skipping, or mid-stream tweaking of Circle Time.  Today, for example, we stopped after our Manners reading because our 'Art With Friends' group needed us to be done with lessons early. 

The Weekly Assignment Checklist has a small version of each child's Assignment Sheet on one page.  This is so I don't have to flip pages all the time, I can just look for their color (M-girl, red; N-boy, blue; R-girl, green) and see what else needs done.  Because our schedules for Week A and Week B are distinct, I have two forms.  This keeps me from being confused when making assignments. 

Each child also has two types of Assignment Sheets, one for Week A and one for Week B.  M-girl is going to fill hers in during our Friday meeting.  N-boy has the goal of working toward that by the end of our 2014 Academic year.  I'm still filling out R-girl's, but she is with me when I do so.

On the back of the children's Assignment Sheets is a form I compiled thanks to Mystie sharing her forms with me.  It has a space for chores, Bible reading assignments, listing books read so we don't forget things for GoodReads, and a goal for the week.  I hope to someday use Mystie's Monday Metaphors (except on Friday). 

Anyway, at the end of Friday, everyone should have a new week's worth of assignments and I should have a packet of completed assignments.  The Assignment Sheet system worked pretty well at the end of last year; new will be the meetings (so I'm not filling in Assignment Sheets on the fly during the school day) and updating their booklists, something I've done very poorly.


  1. Do your children write reviews on Good Reads? I'd like to know more about this. I've been unable to come up with a good way to keep up with my kids' reading.

    1. Amy, I'll write another post, but I don't think I've done a good job with this either. I hope to get better at it!

  2. Your idea of having the whole week on one sheet was brilliant! I switched our assignment sheets to be this way (vs. one sheet per day) this week & my children have enjoyed seeing the whole week ahead of them. Funny how I never thought of that till you mentioned it last week. Thanks!

    1. My kids like that I let them work ahead, too. So as long as they finish Tuesday's work on Tuesday, if they can finish their Geography assignments for the week they have less to do on Friday.


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