Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Two Week Homeschool Schedule

Before the start of 2014, this is what I thought was going to work.  It is very similar to what was working at the end of our 2013 Academic Year.  I think I will need to make some minor changes, though.  Move lunch earlier - noon instead - make the afternoon session go to 2:30 (I hate to give up half an hour of Quiet Time, though).  We just can't quite get through 3 of everything in the time I've allotted here.  Maybe.  It was the first day which is notoriously hard.  I'll probably give this two weeks - our full routine - and re-evaluate then.

We're working on a two-week, nine-day rotation.  Week A is 5 days of school.  We have History Lessons and Assigned Science Reading. (Assigned Reading is new, before it was self-selected).  We have our Art With Friends Group.  Week B is a 4 day week with Thursday off (except a trip to the library).  Friday is a bit different, pulling in some poetry study and Primary Challenge Math for fun.  We have Science Lessons and Assigned History Reading.

I did post my new tab for the 2014 Academic Year if you're interested in more of the specifics of what curricula we use. Later this week (tomorrow?) I hope to share my assignment sheets and how we use them.

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  1. Seems like the start of a new year always requires tweaking! I did some from last week & it went smoothly yesterday! Yahoo! You'll find you're groove!

    And, yes, first days back are always tough. So our Mondays. They can be down right evil!


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