Saturday, January 04, 2014

A Bag-End, Hobbit Cake

I have pinned a few Hobbit-inspired cakes on my January Pinterest board because my son has loved listening to the Hobbit and wanted that for his birthday (I thought I was going to be doing a baseball cake, first.  He changed his mind.

I baked the cake in a bowl so it would be rounded.  I learned a new trick; by sticking a flower pin (to make icing flowers) in the pan before batter, you add a heat sink to the middle and you may keep it from rounding up (if the cake is shallow enough - but not with a bowl).

I put the cake in the garage all day to freeze, then cut out a bit for the entry way, leaving a level plain for a yard/pathway.  Pretzels for windows and fence, a cookie for the door, sprinkles for flowers, and Lego men for Gandalf and Bilbo.  It might be my favorite!  I wish my icing had worked better in the grass/fur-tip, but the big star worked OK.

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