Tuesday, January 07, 2014

posted. "Most Clicks of All Time"

Sarah is encouraging us bloggers to look at our old posts.  This month we're to find our "Most Clicks of All Time." I'm going to provide my "Most Clicked since Blogger started keeping stats for us" since I've blogged for a long, long time:  since before Blogger hosted pictures. or comments.  or really much of anything.

Anyway, my most clicked post is MEP Math and Math Mammoth.  I'm not sure if it's been helpful to anyone, but I still get a lot of hits to it.  In it I explain how we used MEP ... we still use it, but now I tend to work through the lesson directly and assign the rest of the page as independent work . MEP is very teacher intensive and with 3 children, I need to cut my involvement some way.

We love MEP!


  1. We switched to MEP late last year, great fit for some of our children, others, well they complain regardless. Jeanne who commented on your first post 'sold' us to MEP. Thinking I might have found your post via google search when I was trying to decide:)

  2. Curriculum review posts are so helpful- I'm sure many have benefitted from your post. Yours is very thorough! Thanks for linking up. :)

  3. Hey, did I know you read Sarah's blog? Or did you point me there? I can't remember! :)

  4. I found her through Mystie's blog (Simply Convivial) and CiRCE's blog. I've been reading since last summer, before the twins were born.


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