Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekly Report for January 20-24, 2014

Well, this wasn't a great week overall, particularly compared with our first week.
  M-girl was sick Sunday through Tuesday, with lingering yuckiness on Wednesday.  We didn't do Circle Time any day this week.  We only sort of did Science two days, instead of really on three.  Jason had Monday off, but his  day was spent researching, shopping for, and purchasing a refrigerator.  It's awesome, but we didn't get our day with Daddy as we look forward to.  

The kids have had a blast playing with the Refrigerator box.

Wednesday, piano lessons were cancelled for a sick teacher and the fridge was delivered (interruptions, anyone?). Thursday was off for Bible Study, as it was our "B" week. 

We did have some successes, though! N-boy and R-girl did some school on Monday and Tuesday even while M-girl didn't.  That was huge, as always before a sick day has been kind of a sick day for everyone.  Tuesday was still hard because Daddy was back to work, but we got something done.

Friday was pretty good :)

That being said, we did accomplish a reasonable amount of school.

For math this week, M-girl and N-boy are working on Level 7 in Calculadder.  M-girl started the Geometric Solids lessons in Year 3,

we took Wednesday and Friday to complete the lesson.  N-boy is working on different ways to add two digit numbers.  R-girl is working on crossing 10s in addition.  Everyone worked on a Primary Challenge Math lesson on Friday: R-girl on money, N-boy on balancing weights and fractions, and M-girl on multiplication.  I did not like that this chapter focused on using a calculator, so we worked on *not* needing a calculator to solve these problems.

M-girl and N-boy solved the "Boys Only Club" case in logic.

I didn't assign any history reading.  In science, Monday we watched the Magic School Bus episode on chemistry: Ready, Set, Dough.  On Friday, we read through the first chapter of Ellen McHenry's The Elements.  I think we're going to enjoy that!

The children continued reading Asgard Stories for literature.  They're really enjoying the stories.  M-girl did read some on Tuesday even while sick.  They all wrote some dictations, narrations, and copywork on those chapters for writing.  On Friday, we worked together to start the first lesson of Writing and Rhetoric.  A hit so far!

Grammar continues to go pretty well.  R-girl completed two lessons this week: reading a story then identifying the adverbs and adjectives in it.  I copied the story and let her use two different highlighters to mark the adverbs and adjectives; she loved that.  N-boy is working on diagramming and comparative and superlative adjectives.  M-girl didn't do any grammar lessons until Friday, but seeing how she's in Level 4, I'm not overly worried.  On Friday, everyone worked on a poetry lesson.  N-boy started Meter in Music of the Hemispheres.  R-girl started Music of the Hemispheres with letter sounds.  M-girl worked on "Shaker Poem" in Memoria Press' Poetry for the Grammar Stage.

Latin has been a struggle for everyone but R-girl.  I really want it to be an important part of our education, so we're going to change things up.  R-girl will finish Prima Latina this week, Lord willing.  The first week of January, we're going to move Latin to right after Circle Time and everyone -including Mommy- is going to work together starting back at Lesson 1 in Latin For Children A.  N-boy is only done with 4 chapters. It will be quite a reversal for M-girl who is through Chapter 13, but we need to build a firm foundation.

Geography is going well.  N-boy finished Kansas, Missouri, and the review lesson.  I'm trying to keep him and M-girl together, and she finished only Kansas this week.  We'll try to catch her up next week.  R-girl worked on four states, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.  Everyone worked on Geography Blobbing.  We watched a bunch of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? episodes.

Penmanship is going pretty well.  I'm being more emphatic about completing work in cursive. M-girl and N-boy worked on their CS Lewis quotes (in cursive).  R-girl has only two more capital letters to learn, then practice next week.  N-boy has picked back up from break on his typing, but M-girl is struggling a bit to regain her speed.

R-girl completed Lesson 7 in Explode the Code for spelling.  She likes that pretty well. 

N-boy and R-girl went to their Columbus Museum of Art art class this week.  They had fun making their own games. 
Piano lessons were cancelled.  We managed to make it to the Library on Thursday (it was crazy cold).

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  1. You will be happy to restart Zlatin & make it a focus! We recently did this- I'm working the boys as they go through a Primer A & when Patricia starts Latin Aluve 1 in Feb, I'm going to work with rough it with her.

    We went to the library this week on a crazy cold day too... But I bet it was war mere here than there! :)


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