Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Book Review: The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill

The Magic Apple Tree: A Country YearThe Magic Apple Tree: A Country Year by Susan Hill

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I loved this book.  Fantastic.  I loved the long thoughts on food, creatures, gardens, people season by season.  I loved the lyrical language that stayed down to earth.  This book almost made me want to garden ... until I remembered that I don't like bugs, dirt, or being outside.  I love the idea, though and we do hope to keep a small garden this summer.

I want to know the people she describes better.  I want to know the Hon. Claire and Mr. Baker the gardener.  I want to see more of Hill's husband and daughter.  I'd like to see pictures of Moon Cottage and the town to see if it matches my imagination.

I saw some reviews that compared this with The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek which I struggled through last summer.  In my opinion, this is what I wish Pilgrim had been.  Beautiful language, living a life, approachable and painting wonderful word pictures ... on a clearly defined subject. 

In many ways I wish I hadn't read this as quickly as I did, but it was hard to stop when I got started.

I hope to post some quotes in my Wordy Wednesday post tomorrow.

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