Monday, February 17, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook for February 17, 2014


Outside my window...I hear birds chirping and it seems warmer, but I don't think it actually is.

Praising God...for our church family.  Sometimes being in a transient area is hard with friends moving in and out, but we are so thankful for the friends we've made who live and will live all over the country.

I am thinking...about books and reading and the internet and how they all fit together.

I am thankful...for a quiet morning with Jason on holiday - even if he has to do some work from home today.

In the kitchen...we did sweet potato, ricotta, bacon hash with fresh eggs from my sister's farm.  Not too shabby :)

I am wearing...jammies. Yay for holidays!

I am creating...some more on my shawl.  I had hoped to crochet more during the Olympics than I've actually done.  That's OK.

I am try to find the American Ice Dancing from last night; I hear it's amazing.

I am wondering...what we'll find at the CoSI Sherlock Holmes exhibit on Saturday.

I am reading...Howard's End is on the Landing which is making me think about books and the internet.  I have found great passages for my Wordy Wednesday post ...

I am hoping... to get school meetings with the kids done today. 

I am looking forward to...signing up for the pool and swim lessons.

I am learning...about the Quadrivium - and feeling my deficiencies.  The chapter in The Liberal Arts Tradition on the Quadrivium was enough over my head that I've asked Jason to read it too.

Around the house...we did some cleaning up on Saturday.  I need to get back to my Motivated Moms checklists.

I am God set eternity in our hearts and what that means.  Great sermons yesterday.

A favorite quote for today..."The study of mathematics ought to strike a balance between wonder, work, wisdom, and worship."  (The Liberal Arts Tradition by Jain and Clark, page 52, emphasis mine) What a great paradigm for every subject.

One of my favorite things...the Olympics.  I love having them on and watching the love of sport and the drama of sport.  I love the crazy unusual sports.  I love that it inspires my children to dance and sled and play.  I love that they're rare.  Yay, Olympics!

A few plans for the rest of the, piano, Bible Study, Sherlock!

A peek into my day...

Monday morning legos? Yes, please!

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