Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Report: February 17-21, 2014

It was a weird short-but-long week here. Jason had Monday "off", so we try to do lighter days so we can see Daddy. He ended up working from home, but we still went very light. All we did was Latin - we started chapter 2 of Latin for Children.

Jason had to use up some vacation days that he didn't use in 2013, so he had Thursday and Friday off too. It was our "B" week so Thursday was an off day anyway. We went to Bible Study and let him have a quiet morning by himself yesterday.

Today we all went to CoSI, the Center of Science and Industry. They're currently running a Sherlock Holmes exhibit and I really wanted to see it. I really liked the exhibit, but I think it was a bit too much for the kids. Maybe more aimed at teenagers and fans of the TV shows and movies. They had a lot of interesting things to observe and do and it was well put together. There was a lot to read, though, and it all looked doubled because they had everything in both English and Spanish.

 Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty solid days of lessons; we didn't even try to do Circle Time for two days. The kids had their Art Class at the Columbus Museum of Art on Tuesday.
Inspiration and what she made :)

 On Wednesday we had piano lessons. We worked on all of our lesson areas on our two days.  Hmmm ... everyone did lessons, it just looks like only M-girl did! Oops.

History Reading and Geography Blobbing - thought she'd try free hand!


  1. It always makes for an interesting week, doesn't it, when dad is around?

    The Sherlock Holmes exhibit looks interesting.

    What resources do you use for your geography blobbing?

  2. It does! When he's working from home we can get something done, but if it's a planned day off for him, not so much.

    It was very good, but Jason told me M-girl was up crying and scared with nightmares last night that she said were from the exhibit! I hope she slept better after that. Poor lamb.

    We use this for our Geography Blobs. I printed the pages, stuck them in sheet protectors in three prong file folders. I'm pleased with how it's working. I think most of our resources are listed on the '2014 Academics' tab here on the blog.

  3. Replies
    1. Good to see you're still alive, Heather! I've been praying for all that togetherness :) I know it's wonderful, but difficult and tiring too.


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