Sunday, February 09, 2014

Weekly Report for February 3-7, 2014

We were a little less busy this week.  That was nice.  Piano lessons were cancelled when we had a huge amount of snow dropped on us Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  Same with M-girl's basketball ... well it was postponed to Friday.  Our Bible Study was cancelled Thursday, too, so we stayed home ... but I didn't assign school.  We played, I ironed and laundered.  It was a needed day home. We didn't get much science done this week, which I find disappointing. Daddy was home on Monday, so I planned a lighter day, but we had fuller days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday ... and didn't finish all the work, particularly Friday.  

Yesterday, I participated in Mystie's Community Hangout on Google+.  That was fun.  She shared her index-card daily list.  I showed, a little, my weekly tracking sheet completed.  At the beginning of the school year, I shared a post with my organizational charts here.  Today, I thought I'd share my completed tracking sheet with you. (Plus, test out the Android doc scanner I found).   Sorry, I don't have time to figure out how to embed.

We accomplished three days of Circle Time, but two of those days were only partial days; at least we did Bible.

Making Latin Flash Cards
Moving Latin to immediately after Circle Time was perfect.  We worked together and helped one another.  I'm happy with this change.

We did math this week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were MEP lesson days.  N-boy is still reviewing Year 2 work with adding multi-digit numbers and multiplication.  M-girl is working on fractions and division.  R-girl is working on adding two digit numbers and whole tens.  On Friday, we worked on Primary Challenge Math - or the girls did.  M-girl is working on multi-digit multiplication, something she hasn't learned in MEP yet, but did a fine job. R-girl is making change.  All three children advanced a level in Calculadder.

For grammar this week, R-girl started memorizing prepositions.  M-girl worked on letter writing.  N-boy is working on conjunctions and diagramming them.  All the children worked on poetry Friday.  M-girl's poem was "The Nightingale and the Glow-Worm" by William Cowper.  N-boy started learning about poetic feet in Music of the Hemispheres.  R-girl continued learning about letter sounds in Music of the Hemispheres.

Listening to King Lear

The children read Questing Knights of the Faerie Queen by Geraldine MacCaughrean for literature.  They liked this book.  On Friday, we listened to Lamb's King Lear as a download from Librivox.  For writing, we had a lot of copywork, narrations, and some dictation.  We also began Lesson 2 in Writing and Rhetoric: Fable.  

For science, we did continue reading about elements and were introduced to some names.
The children read some about Mary Queen of Scots and set in Holland and Scotland for history.

M-girl and N-boy finished the first mystery in the next Detectives Club logic book.  All the children worked on a couple of states in geography.  They also worked on geography blobbing.  N-boy and M-girl copied a couple of quotes and R-girl worked on practicing her lower case letters and full name for penmanship.  R-girl did a little Explode the Code. 

We did read a little more about Bach and looked at Monet's haystacks on Tuesday for Art and Composer Study. We listened to some Bach Organ Pieces, too.  We read more of When the Sirens Wailed, which we're enjoying.   

Everyone had basketball practices and the older two had games yesterday.  

We did not do our weekly meetings Friday, we had basketball too early in the day.  We also did not make it to the Library on Thursday.


  1. I was about to ask who that baby was in the last photo! :)

    1. Sometimes, you just must bring your dolly to school :)

    2. Oh, yes! And some days require more than one baby doll!


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