Monday, August 11, 2014

Back in the Saddle

My, it has been a long foggy road since I last regularly posted.

Now, it is time to shine a light through the mental mistiness and return to regular life.

I've been not blogging for a couple of reasons.

First, I blog for myself and for my family.  It is a record of our goings and doings and endeavors.  I love to look back and see my kids when they were little and remember all the fun things we have done.  It is a record of a lot of their lives, even at times a weekly record of what we've learned.  I like to post book reviews so I can remember my impressions and ideas of books I've read (re member ... again make a part of myself; love those "re" words).  Although my general purpose in blogging goal is a personal one, I was starting to sin by desiring the comments (and let's face it commmendations) of you out there in blogdom and resenting it when I did not get comments or commendation.  I was feeling neglected, despite not being a heavy commenter myself.  So, I needed to take myself away from the milieu.

Second, I wanted to really determine what I wanted from my blog.  So many bloggers use it as an income source, and I just don't want this blog to be that.  Affiliate programs, writing eBooks, driving sales, driving numbers ... that's just not me.  I love a lot of blogs that it *is* them - this is not to sit in judgement at all, but I know some things about myself ... organization challenged, don't always follow-through, taking assignments from others (even book clubs I want to be in!) are things I'm terrible at.  Having pre-designed outlines to give structure and fill in thoughts is what I'm better at.  I am a Meme Queen.  I don't think I can apologize for that.  

So, I am going to disallow comments for a time while I get back into the habit of blogging.  I have found that blogging helps force me to keep things under some amount of control - housekeeping, school, reading.  It makes me accountable to put it out there into the void.

Look for a Daybook entry later today :)