Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Review: When Gods Die by CS Harris

When Gods Die (Sebastian St. Cyr #2)When Gods Die by C.S. Harris
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I liked this book as well as the first. For most of the book, I thought I liked it better. I found the resolution a bit confusing - the motives and explanation of how the plot shook out seemed a little lightly woven, like one false move would tear it asunder.  I liked the intrigue and the weaving of potential coup in with his family story.

I was not such of a fan of Sebastian's professed atheism corrected to theism of some amorphous pattern to things. I see from future reviews that this theme opposed to Christianity continues and have my concerns with continuing the series. The theme of what happens when Gods die - from those we love devotedly to heroin to ourselves to God himself - is strong. Harris shows disillusionment, fear, and shattering. I'm just not convinced that is what she meant to show about God the Father.

And, yes, I want to know about Hero - despite her small walk-on roles so far, she is a favorite character and I think she is in love with Sebastian. I thought Harris did well with Tom - his incarceration was a haunting episode in the book. Kat did not seem as involved with this and I fully expect her connections with the French to cause problems in the future.

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  1. The religion stuff is more heavy handed in some of the books than others. I almost quit after the first few books but I think they do improve (somewhat. Similar disclaimers about "intimate" situations and such apply).

    Hero is my favorite character and her presence increases as the books go on. (Hope that's not too much of a spoiler...)

    1. Thanks, Kate. That is what I was suspecting. I hope I'll be able to continue the series.

    2. Argh! Autocorrect! I know I typed Karen. I did know to whom I was responding!


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