Saturday, September 20, 2014

Embrace the Ordinary: Lego, Lego, Lego my Lego

Do you have Lego-maniacs in your home? I have three. 

Both drawers are full of Legos ...
I totally get it, I liked Legos when I was a kid; one of the few girls I knew who did.  And if Lego Friends had been a thing then, I would've liked them even more.

The children have been building a sprawling ranch home with vehicles, bedrooms, and parlors.  They've had more fun building it than playing with it.

Lego tops have been another huge hit here.  My nephew introduced them to the concept and they have been building, spinning, and battling tops.  Figuring out the right shapes (rectangles don't work well, as you might imagine), balance, and weight to spin and/or destroy one's enemies.

M-girl is 9 and old enough to participate on a First Lego League team this year.  It is a group of homeschool friends from church and Jason is helping with the programming portion.  N-boy is really, really interested in M-girl's work and wants to help so badly.  He has to wait until next year. 

I love that Legos are such a part of their every day lives.  They build. They follow directions (once, anyway).  They use their imaginations. 

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  1. LEGO, the perennial favorite! Do your kids get the LEGO Club magazine? My boys love it. They feature pictures of kids and their original LEGO creations each month, too, if you send in a photo. It's pretty neat!

    1. We don't get the magazine. Actually we don't get any periodicals at this time, but I've considered Nature's Friend.

  2. Big lego fans here too! Just bought our first set of Lego Friends got the girls. There's no going back now.

    1. No, there really isn't. My girls play Lego differently than I and my brothers or N-boy does. Its intriguing to see the differences.


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