Monday, September 01, 2014

Weekly Report: August 25-29, 2014

Last week was interesting.  It was not the best week ever, but we got a good deal done.  It wasn't the worst week ever either.

I have one child who is trying out the procrastination and avoidance technique when it comes to doing their assignments.  I need to get on top of that. I have four dawdlers.  I need to get on top of that.  Unfortunately,
they all take after me. (Note that I'm posting this on Monday.  Oops.)

Math went relatively well.  I decided to let N-boy take two days per lesson.  That helped.  He's working on adding/subtracting multi digit numbers.  M-girl worked through subtraction of three digit numbers. They're teaching about regrouping and decomposing numbers and it is a little tricky, but she's handling it fine.  R-girl has been working on Khan Academy review and mastery of K-2 math. She is kind of ahead and was starting to struggle with MEP, so reviewing and getting the basics down is helping build her confidence.  She's really enjoying it.

Copywork: 3rd Grade BOY
For Literature, the children are doing well with The Silver Chair and written narrations.  M-girl is required to write 4 sentences, N-boy 3, and R-girl 2.  They all try to get to write less, I must be firm.  For Writing, they are also working through CAP's Writing and Rhetoric: Fable.  I assign a section or two a few days during the week.  M-girl and N-boy have both completed the C.S. Lewis copywork book and began copywork from the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

We did fit in a trip to the Library

The children read some from American History Stories about early settlers and explorers in their History studies.  They wrote narrations about that as well.  For Geography, they all did some blobbing.  R-girl worked on States and Capitals some too.

Indian Burial Mound
Bee Hive
We did no Science. Except, we did go for a hike with friends on Friday and two drew a hive in their nature journals and one looked up Jewel Weed to confirm its identity.  I wanted to do some Chemistry, though.  Boo.

M-girl continues learning about prepositional phrases and how they work by diagramming them in FLL4.  N-boy is working on adjectives in Grammar-land.  R-girl is reviewing at the end of FLL2. I love teaching Grammar.  R-girl is working on her spelling with the fourth book of Explode the Code.

We continued with Latin, reviewing in our Activity Books and on Headventure Land.  The kids are excited about the new things available come tomorrow! I'm hoping some of them will be available for mobile use.

We have continued with Piano practices (Need a new teacher! Procrastination and Avoidance, me? No.) and typing.  R-girl is flying through Dance Mat.  I think Piano helps with typing. M-girl has swapped out typing for Khan Academy Programming.

Our Gymnastic schedule is getting ready with daily Soccer practices. M-girl and Jason are gearing up for First Lego League.  It's a busy, busy time.


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