Thursday, October 16, 2014

School Disguised as Gifts: Logic Card Games

Last week, I wrote some about the individual Logic Games we've given our children.  These are games they can do on their own.

We also love games that we can play together, and a lot of those are logic games.  There is a sense where most games have logic built in, but some games it is purely logic.  I'm going to split these into categories and today share some of our favorite Logic Card Games.  One other thing, we haven't given these only to our children, but to family and friends:

SET is a great game for thinking skills.  In it, you determine what makes three matching (or non-matching) cards a set.  The game goes fast and wild.  We've had 10 people around a table trying to figure out what the set was and groaning when it is found.  Fun for individual play or for big groups.

Swish is a blast. The cards are clear except for a ring or a ball of different colors in different places. Your goal is to get the right colored ball in the right colored hoop in the right position on the card.  It can take many cards to get the sequence right, but your goal is to get the most cards you can.  You can flip and flop and turn cards around.  It forces the player to mentally visualize which cards go together.  R-girl is particularly good at this visual-spatial form of logic.

Blink is a fast and furious card game.  I am the family champion.  I like Blink.  Here, you try to match color, shape, or number and get rid of your half of the deck of cards first. 

Finally, have you considered purchasing fun playing cards for your kids? My family is big on traditional card games like Solitaire, Rummy, and Euchre. (Lots and lots of Euchre, we taught M-girl and N-boy while we were on vacation)  I'm considering these for Christmas this year: Butterflies (for M-girl who loves butterflies); Night Sky (for N-boy who loves space things), and Water Lillies (for R-girl who says she wants to be an artist).  There are lots of others out there, look to see what your family is into!

Are there logic card games your family loves? I'm considering Dutch Blitz for this year, but would love some other ideas!


  1. Dutch Blitz can get crazy loud - but it's lots of fun! Thanks for sharing these game ideas. Christmas is coming!

    1. I considered calling the series "The goose is getting fat" but thought that might be a bit much ... lol

  2. We enjoy Spot It!
    This post has reminded me to get out our Set cards. Thanks! :)

    1. I almost included Spot It, but I haven't played it. I suppose that, in itself, is a plus - it takes no parental involvement! The kids have two versions and most often play the Baseball one.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Thanks for the pin, too.


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