Thursday, October 23, 2014

School Disguised as Gifts: Logic Games

I don't know if you can tell from these three weeks of my series, but my kids love logic games and toys (they also love logic workbooks).  They enjoy solving the puzzle. 

Today, some of our favorite games:

Qwirkle is a hands-down family favorite.  Each player tries to get six tiles in a row of like color or shape and each person tries to keep the others from doing so.  There's math here too, in figuring scores and adding tiles.  Our kids played younger than the box claims.  This has been given as a gift to parents, in-laws, nieces and nephews successfully by our family.

Blokus is another favorite, I personally prefer the two-person game, but the four person game is fun too.  Here, you are attempting to put all of your pieces on the board while only touching corners all while keeping your opponent(s) from placing as many tiles.

Forbidden Island is a cooperative-style game where you and the other players are attempting to retrieve all the artifacts before the island sinks beneath you.  Fun problem solving, and not as competetive.  We haven't much investigated the cooperative games, but I hope to in future.

Last year we gave, sight-unseen, Q-bitz to my dad for Christmas and it is a lot of fun.  Each player has 9 cubes with different designs on each side.  The player must match their cubes to the card that is turned up.  First one to accomplish it wins.  Attention to detail, spatial logic, planning are all key to this speed game.

What kind of logic games do you like? Next week I plan to write about Geography Games.


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