Thursday, October 09, 2014

School Disguised as Gifts: Logic Toys

Another type of gift we like to give our children are individual play logic games. I like that they can take these to quiet time and work through them with no interference (or help) and struggle to solve the problems.

Some samples we've given throughout the years are:

Kanoodle/Lonpos: In this game, your child learns to fit differently shaped pieces into place either in two dimensions (flat) or as three dimensions (a pyramid)  The booklet gives the beginning of the puzzle and the child has to complete it.  It is contained in one handy, self contained travel box that fits perfectly into a stocking.

There are a number of permutations of this game: IQ Twist, IQ Fit, Lonpos Cosmic Creatures.  Fun for all!

There are fun sequential spatial awareness games, too.  R-girl is particularly good at these.  We've enjoyed Animalogic and Rush Hour. When they were younger, they LOVED the Richard Scarry Busy Town game.

Finally, the most completely self-contained, hours of entertainment until you hear marbles in your sleep toy are the Perplexus mazes.  The children still love these even though they've solved them over and over.  M-girl is sad that she doesn't have one of her own.  We own the Original and Rookie and I foresee others coming into our collection.

I've made all these links to Amazon, but that is solely because it is convenient; these are not affiliate links.

For more ideas in this series (this is only week 2), see the School Disguised as Gifts tag.


  1. Thanks so much for this! It IS that time of year! I appreciate knowing what other families have actually enjoyed.

    1. This is a departure from my regular style posting, so I'm glad it's helpful!

  2. Hi Dawn, I just got Shape-ometry and was playing it with my 3 year old (giving her hints of course - "What other ways can that shape go?"). She loved it, and I thought it was super cool. :)

    1. That looks really fun! I love ThinkFun, they have some incredible games and toys. Their Block by Block game is great too. At that age, my kids lived Wedgits.


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