Thursday, November 20, 2014

School Disguised as Gifts: Arts and Crafts

I'm not talking about all crafty things today, maybe Fine Arts and Crafts would have been a better title.  Here are some ideas.

All three of my children take piano lessons, so fun repertoire books are always happily accepted.  My oldest daughter has particularly liked The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music songbooks. I have enjoyed them vicariously ;)

Art and craft supplies are always welcome, but I do particularly love this Alexa My First Sewing Kit.  The projects are fun and doable and my girls are learning some basics of sewing.

This idea is for the grandparents: my children need no more toys and stuff, so several years ago my parents began to give them "tickets" to various local drama and concert presentations.  Sometimes these tickets go together (all the older girl grandchildren went to The Nutcracker last year with my mom). Often, they go by themselves with my parents to a local Children's Theater presentation.  They give other tickets too:  to an amusement park, to one of those bounce house places that have open play times, to the rec center pool, etc.  These are great opportunities for participating in the arts (which we may not be able to afford for a family of 5 on a single income) and building a relationship with their grandparents.  I appreciate this gift so very much!

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