Thursday, November 06, 2014

School Disguised as Gifts: Geography Games
Games are a fantastic way to learn about the world we live in and the location of various places.  We have a lot of Geography games that we enjoy.

The first is The Scrambled States of America game. There's a related book by the same name that I kind of hate, but I do like the game relatively well.  It forces us to look at the names and some general information about each state - like the capital, nickname, or some other basic information.  And it is actually fun. 

We also like - maybe even more - the Ticket to Ride games. I almost put these in the logic games post because there's a lot of planning involved.  There's Ticket to Ride, set in America with major American (and a couple of Canadian) cities and locations to link together with your train routes.  You can even get an expansion pack set in the 19teens (recommended because there are full-sized cards which are easier to shuffle). There's also Ticket to Ride -Europe which works on similar principles ... the city names are not always anglicized, but it still gets the idea across.

Finally, we recommend the 10 Days in ... games.  We own Europe, Asia, and Africa.  Each is similar, yet different with different strategies.  In these games, players attempt to be the first to connect a sequence of travel on a continent for 10 days.  Some days will be airplane, railroad, or boat.  Some days will be in differing countries.  The game requires planning ahead and knowing where countries are. I love these games, although I do find we play Europe most frequently.   I see there is a similar This Day in History game that I will be researching.

Are there other Geography Games you like or recommend, I'm all ears ....

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