Thursday, February 12, 2015

Handcrafted: Valentine's Day Crafts

Every other Thursday, our group of homeschool friends gather together for lunch, play time, and studying art. We are a group of five families of homeschoolers from ages 12 down to a new little one expected this summer.  There are 20 children currently wandering about, though.  We also generally have one lady who has adopted all of our children as her grandchildren. (It's lovely to have another grownup who brings no children with her!)

Most years we seem to meet the same week as Valentine's Day, so we try to plan a Valentine's Day party for the children and do a Valentine-themed project or two.  Each child gets a Valentine from each family, too.  It is nice to provide something special for them.

This year, our family made bookmarks.  They were easy! We cut hearts out of the closed corners of an envelope.  The children decorated them with stickers and markers, a special design for each child (and mom!) I wrote out the index cards: "You're Re'Mark'able" and we slid the bookmark on.

Then, at our actual art class, Miss A from Mahers Hill Academy provided felt hearts in red or pink with a ribbon hanger sewed on which the others in the group could glue felt shapes, pompoms, sequins, buttons, etc.  Such a fun activity! Thanks, Miss A!

Our final project was found at on Pinterest (linked to my Homeschool - Art board, other ideas may be found on the February board).  We moms provided plastic yogurt lids with hearts cut out and holes punched around the heart.  I was thankful Anna had and shared a small hole punch, it really worked much better than a regular sized one.  Then, some with embroidery floss, some with yarn, some with yarn and a needle (a plastic darning needle would probably be best all around), the children sewed through the holes.  Some randomly, some with a pattern.

I'm very pleased with how these turned out when hung on my sliding glass door:


  1. Those bookmarks were a neat idea! We can always use more bookmarks around here, and personalized ones are extra-special. :)

    1. A bunch of homeschoolers? Bookmarks cannot go wrong :) I'm glad you're enjoying them!


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