Sunday, March 01, 2015

Our Weekly Amble for February 23-27, 2015

Our off week was eventful. Sunday the children got to go sledding. Only Monday did we stay home very much which gave me a chance to blog about how our first half-term of AmblesideOnline went.  We had some big tents built.  M-girl both cooked dinner and blogged about it. We had doctor and dentist appointments; something went awry with the optometrist.  We had Art with Friends and music lessons and basketball.

N-boy, in gray, taking the tip.
 We made a stop at the library for the first time in a while:

St Patrick's Day coloring pages.

N-boy doesn't look so comfortable,but often reads in positions like this.
We had a play date with some local friends from soccer and choir.  We enjoyed a last trip to COSI before our membership expired.

One smart mouse scientist :)

Rocket simulator.
He loves the unicycle.  Rode at least three times this trip.

It was a fun week, but busy. I think we're ready to go back to lessons schedule so we can relax.  I wish I had gotten some snacks pre-made and food schedules planned. But we can continue to muddle along.

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