Thursday, April 09, 2015

Dawn and Heather Read Together: Own Your Life, Ch 1 Heroes

I've never loved the concept of heroes.

I've never wanted to be a hero, nor really "had" heroes. Well, maybe Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew, but not the Superhero kind and not the so-and-so can do no wrong, I want to be just like that person, kind.

I like to pick and choose.

There have been times in my life I want to be in the forefront, but there haven't been many.  In general, I prefer not to be Batman, or even Robin or Batgirl, but Alfred.  Behind the scenes sending the heroes out into battle garbed and outfitted appropriately ... and probably telling them how to go about their business. [wry smile]

I was a little concerned in the introduction and the beginning of Chapter 1. I am firmly in the not-so-radical Christian lifestyle camp. I have too many issues to resolve in my own life to try to change the world.  I firmly believe in living a quiet life ... and that that life is a rebellion against our culture in itself.  So when Clarkson discusses doing big things for God and her discouragement while in a small, wilderness place, I have a hard time identifying with her reasons for her discouragement. Not the discouragement itself. Oh, no I am all too familiar with that.

Five pages into the chapter, my worries dissolved.
This day, this place, these circumstances--God had made them!
Oh. That, I can get behind and remember as a motto.  But then, then she challenges me further. These circumstances? In the wilderness? God's training ground for discipling me. (cf Hebrews 12:11)

I was right last week, she is going to challenge me to work hard ... in joy and thankfulness ... where I am, doing what God has called me to.

And she, too, gets to the point where big things are small steps. Each of us has a different wilderness.  My sister would be lost and overwhelmed in the concrete jungle of downtown Columbus. I'm about to start a six week gauntlet where only one weeknight has no soccer scheduled.  Leaving my house everyday and interacting with people, sometimes more than once a day is overwhelming to me. Wilderness.

Clarkson shows us how we learn during these periods in order to sustain us during other times. To give us a better ability to serve when we aren't in the wilderness.  That service ... that's the heroism she's talking about. It isn't making a name for oneself, rather proclaiming the Lord's name til he comes.  Each of our stories, our background, our wilderness times are a lesson that culminate in a disciple fit for the task at hand.

Charlotte Mason teaches us, "I am, I can, I ought, I will." We are children of God and as such he disciples us through our history and circumstances to be the person he's called us to be to do his work. He prepares us in the desert to be heroes ... with different stories and secret moments before Him.

Be sure you check out what Heather has to say. I'm not going to be around much today, but I'll try to check in and approve comments as often as I can.


  1. "He prepares us in the desert to be heroes ... with different stories and secret moments before Him." LOVE this, Dawn! I'm so grateful God doesn't call us all to the same things- how boring! And how utterly useless we would all be in such a diverse world!

    I'm also grateful for this perspective. Walking in the desert is HARD but knowing He is with us & helping us gives us such hope. Knowing it's just for a season gives us hope too!


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