Monday, April 27, 2015

The Simple Woman's Daybook for April 27, 2015

For Today... April 27,2015

Outside my window... it looks like a foggy day without fog.

I am thinking... about how the idea of "Be still" is related to "Cease striving" in different translations of the same verse. 

I am thankful... for the ability to ease into Monday morning when I have worn out children.

I am wearing...  jeans and long sleeves. It is still too chilly, but I hope it will warm up this week.

I am creating... posts in my head.  So sorry that you can't read them. yet.

I am going... to Tractor Supply and Kroger today. Ah the glamor.

I am wondering... how this school week will go.  It is starting slowly, but we do need to get started.

I am reading... Gayle Buck's repetoire for Kindle. It's available on Kindle Unlimited, thankfully.

I am hoping... to get back to better reading soon.

I am learning... to not be so independent, but that it's ok to depend. 

In my kitchen... the children are enjoying leftover French Toast Casserole from Saturday's brunch. I make mine with raisin bread (Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread to be exact) and add some rolled or quick oats to the streusel topping.  Yum.

In my garden... there is a second tulip readyto bloom.

In the homeschool... we are still in catch up mode, but enjoying our studies.

A favorite quote for today... "The eclipse of creation and the marginalization of the biblical Wisdom literature have left us bereft of sheer wonder at God's ways with his world." from the introduction to Old Testament Wisdom Literature: A Theological Introduction by Craig G Bartholoew and Ryan P O'Dowd. I just started it this morning, hoping to make a discipline.  

A peek into one of my days... Saturday was our church's Newcomer's Brunch, one of my favorite annual events.  Different ladies decorate and hostess a table and it is a lovely time of fellowship.  The creativity and individuality of the women who set tables come together in a beautiful, cohesive setting. In many ways, it is illustrative of how the Father uses our individuality to enhance the whole of the body of Christ.  

One of my favorite things... I had the opportunity to spend a day with just R-girl on Friday while the other two children attended the TeenPact one day class.  I don't get an opportunity to do things one-on-one with my children as often as I might like, but we had such a fun day!  She and I spent most of it at the Columbus Museum of Art.  When we returned to the Statehouse early to await her siblings, she enjoyed her time in the Rotunda - or as she calls it, the "Beautiful Room" - by ourselves.

From the board room... By far my most followed board on Pinterest is most certainly my MBTI board.  I'm an INFJ and my husband an INTJ, so most pins are for those personality types:
             Follow ladydusk's board MBTI on Pinterest.    

Post Script... Mystie at Simply Convivial is writing about Personality Types right now in a series entitled Personality Matters.  She's very knowledgable about MBTI typing and explains clearly and concisely.  If you're not following her, you should!

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  1. That french toast casserole sounds yummy! And the ladies tables look very pretty!! Have a great week!

    1. It is a favorite breakfast here. The kids were ecstatic that there were leftovers. Thanks, the tables are so fun! You too.

  2. Very pretty tables! :)How are you feeling after your dental work last week? I'm sorry I never checked in last week!

    1. It was pretty rough but the recovery was better. I wasn't really communicative last week, so don't worry :) Thanks for asking :)

  3. when i looked up gayle buck, i had to laugh. she's a regency romance author and the mother of the heroine in one of my favorite series is a regency romance author.

    1. I've been stuck in what my friend calls Flufferton Abbey for about a year now in my reading. What is the series you're enjoying?

  4. I enjoyed your daybook this week ! I will have to barrow your friends phrase of "Flufferton Abbey" I get lost there myself way too often. I prefer middle ages so perhaps I'd say "Castle Flufferton" LOL I would love if you'd drop by my blog and tell me about the personality profiles . Is it a test available on-line ?
    Our church does an event or 2 where every table is decorated by a different lady. It is SO much fun . I have gotten to do the decorating four or five times . It stresses me out but God always works out the detail! :-)

    1. Thanks so much. Castle Flufferton will do :)

      The best person for personality profiles really is Mystie ... her introductory post that I linked above is really good and links to tests she recommends.


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