Monday, August 17, 2015

The Simple Woman's Daybook for August 17, 2015

For Today... Monday, August 17, 2015

Outside my looks like there might be some sun shining through the cracks in the blinds.  I haven't really looked, yet.  I suspect it's going to be another hot day.

I am thinking... about what it will be like to have only two children for the next couple of days while N-boy is at my in-laws' home.  

I am thankful... that the children have these opportunities to spend time with their grandparents and have such a good relationship with them.

I am wearing... pajamas.  I just dragged myself out of bed when Jason was leaving.

I am creating... space.  We're cleaning bedrooms and today must sort books an clothing. You know, life's necessities.

I am going... no where. Yay.

I am wondering... how many people actually downloaded my eBook. I have no way of making a count, of knowing who or when.  It's actually, likely better that way - no inflated ego and no depressed disappointment.  

I am reading... Harry Potter (book 1) as our dinnertime read aoud.  Jason is such a better reader than I am. He has a lovely deep voice, and his Hagrid is awesome.

I am hoping... 
are liking the eBook and are being strengthened and encouraged by it.  

I am learning... about the influences of ancient Egyptian culture and religion on Hebrew culture and religion.  Fascinating.

In my kitchen... we're having one of our family favorites tonight Grilled Chicken with Sesame Noodles. Yum. I use more stir-fry vegetables now, but essentially this recipe.

In the homeschool... we are considering changes to our "Art with Friends" group, maybe doing more of an "enrichment" group where we do some Nature Study or Composer Study or Book Detectives of some of those ideas with the bigger group.  Just thinking for now.

A favorite quote for today... from Spanish Mama (found on Pinterest, but looks like a lovely blog):

A peek into one of my days... Jason and his dad and his brother-in-law took down a section of the fence and replaced it when we visited on Saturday. 

One of my favorite things... visiting with my Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law.  They are such wonderful encouragements to me.

From the board room... as I was deciding last winter whether to make the jump to Charlotte Mason education, I created a board I called "Changing Horses Midstream?" because I was stressed about the whole thing.  It was a great change for us and I still add things I'm learning to the board.

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  1. Hello :) Great quote... and that recipe sounds yummy! Hope you have a fabulous week!

    1. Thanks, Anita. I don't like outside with bugs or dirt, so I'm trying - trying - to trick myself into being outside more. Quotes like this help.

      We love that dinner ... let me know if you try it! Hope you have a great week, too :)

  2. I downloaded your book and am excited to begin using it. I am going to work it into our bible rotation so will take it lower. Thank you for this book!

    1. Wonderful, Rachel! I hope it is a blessing for your family. I'd love to hear back how it goes!


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