Saturday, September 19, 2015

Our Weekly Amble for September 14-19, 2015

This week has been so busy that I am having a hard time remembering Monday.


We did our Couch to 5k on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It has been perfect weather for it.

We did GroveTime every day this week.  We read sections from Ps 119 as well as Judges 7 about Gideon. We worked on "It is Well With My Soul" and reviewed several favorite hymns from "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" to "Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder." We continued working on John 1:1-18 and reviewed other passages. We reviewed our Catechism for Young Children. Mystie's Motto, "Obey right away, all the way, with a good attitude every day," has been memorized.

We read about lizards from the Handbook of Nature Study.  I think we might have 'Sea Fever' down, but I've thought that before.  We reviewed old poems and read some about Emily Dickinson.  Lesson 11 in our Grammar program was a review lesson.  We reviewed multiplication tables for 8, 3, 4, 7, and 6. I roll a 12 sided die each day to decide which we'll do.

I read aloud the intro and Dramatis Personae to "The Taming of the Shrew" from our Complete Shakespeare.  The children did a studied dictation from Abigail Adams. We are finally on schedule with George Washington's World. On Monday we read from Madam How and Lady Why about the devastation and growth volcatnic activity cause.  On Tuesday, we finished the chapter on John Wesley from Trial and Triumph. Wednesday, we read about Dryope from Age of Fable. The children really dislike the sad stories, but did OK with this one. Thursday, I read Chapter 10 of Abigail Adams aloud. Studied Dictations on Friday mean I try not to add extra reading if I can avoid it.

We reviewed Latin vocabulary and chants. We listened to 2 chapters of Kidnapped as we were in the car going places.

On Thursday, we looked at Corot's painting of the Cathedral at Chartres and I pulled down my scrapbook with pictures from Chartres, and the children really enjoyed seeing that.

We did a drawing lesson on drawing three dimensional objects.

We did math on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The children worked on penmanship on Monday and Wednesday (also not assigned when we do studied dictation). We tried tracing and drawing the United States. It was a mixed success; we'll try again next week.

The children read two chapters of Storybook of Science this week. The children did a lego narration of the chapter on Boiling Point. Friday's chapter was about locomotives, so we watched a video of a steam engine. They read and acted out 'The Two Fabii' from Stories from the History of Rome.  They practiced the piano and had a lesson.

On Tuesday, we went to the zoo after GroveTime. It was a fabulous day for it. We even went through the reptile house. On Thursday, we were invited to a birthday party for the afternoon. Those car trips were opportunities to listen to Brahms and Kidnapped.  Thursday was also Jason's birthday, so the children made cards on Wednesday and Thursday during GroveTime.

There were soccer games and practices on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

N-boy hit this corner kick perfectly to a teammate who scored!

N-boy's organ academy hosted an amazing organist for a concert Friday night and a workshop this morning. He enjoyed that very much.

Jason and the two older children went to First Lego League Saturday afternoon. R-girl went and played with her friends ... the three who will join the team next year :)


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    1. It was a long week, but pretty good. I forgot to mention that the organ concert included Brahms: Choralvorspiel und Fuge uber "O traurigkeit, O Herzeleid" Wo07 ... Timely even if it isn't one of our AO pieces.

  2. I like the name Groove Time.. What is it, exactly?

    1. GroveTime (one O) is what we call Circle or Morning Time here!

      Welcome to ladydusk.

  3. Soccer, Legos, zoo, music... My head would be spinning! :)

    1. Don't forget the birthday party! It was a bit much, but fun. Yesterday took some logistics to get everyone to the right places, but not everyone was at the right times ... but it all worked out OK.

      I napped on Friday and Saturday, it was a busy week. This week is the Fair, but soccer is lighter because of that.


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