Monday, October 26, 2015

31 Days to Surviving Sports Seasons Sanely: Be Social and Share

I wrote before that part of the reason we participate in rec-league sports is to make friends and be part of the community.

This has an added benefit. Sometimes events overlap, and as our kids get older they overlap in different locales.  Or one parent is unavailable and N-boy has a game but M-girl is throwing up and has terrible chills.  

Being social and making friendships with other parents - not just the children making friends here! - is a wonderful benefit to participating in the same league for many years.  We have had children on the same teams with a number of other children over the years and become friends with their families. There are families I’d trust my children with (and others I wouldn’t) if they needed a ride to that out of town game - not all of them certainly, but I can think of 3 families in particular who have become pretty good friends with and several others I trust.

We have shared driving. We have shared concerns. We have shared prayers.

We have become part of a community.  That is good for our family time.

That is good for our sanity.

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