Friday, October 16, 2015

31 Days to Surviving Sports Seasons Sanely: Freezing Cold Days

As I mentioned yesterday, fall games are often warmer longer than during the spring which generally warms only at the end of the season (but days can be hotter in spring).

Sometimes even a winter coat can use some extra insulation; a blanket (I mentioned that way back when I was writing about Car Loading) is invaluable on cold days. My blanket is a queen sized quilt. It works beautifully as a wind break covering the back of a chair or two.  If it is long like mine, you can use the blanket by sitting on it in your chair and wrapping it around you.  

A hooded sweatshirt under a winter coat even with a winter coat, is often warmer than your coat hood and allows for better visual movement.  I always have gloves in my coat pocket.  The rain boots with liners are wonderful for these cold, frosty mornings.
Don’t be surprised by the first cold morning!

Those long sleeved sport shirts are great for keeping your player warm on cold days when you’re wrapped up in a winter coat and blanket.  Leggings under shorts or warmup pants are good too. Your athlete may also like a pair of stretchy knit gloves and a beanie style knit hat to keep fingers and ears warm.  

Layers are important, especially when you have multiple players. It isn’t unusual for us to be at the fields for 4 or even 5 hours because it isn’t worth going home between games and warmups. Sweat pants over shorts or leggings under them can be removed if your morning starts at 35* and raises to 75* by the last game.  Don’t forget layers for mom and dad, too! A bit bag to collect the cast-off clothing isn't a terrible idea. Some children like to bring a change of shoes and socks so they don't have to wear sweaty cleats and shin guards and sport socks all day.

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