Tuesday, October 06, 2015

31 Days to Surviving Sports Seasons Sanely: Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is the hardest thing for me. When it isn’t a sports season, we meet my husband after work at a Whole Foods half an hour away. It’s beer tasting night (with food! The kids eat through the store) and I get an extra pair of hands to help with the shopping.  The children don’t complain about that night, either, as we’ve met some other families who regularly go and they have friends.

We’ve tried something new this soccer season, grocery shopping after morning chores and before school starts, so we leave around 7:30, do our shopping, and start lessons at 9. Kroger at 7:45 on a Tuesday is a beautiful thing.

The other option I’ve considered is that on Thursdays, our “home ec” day, we do GroveTime, clean the house, and grocery shop.

Having a list because we’ve made a plan helps with less back-tracking and makes the shopping go more smoothly and with less whining.  I realize that this is very truly a benefit of homeschooling, that our daytime schedule is somewhat more fluid and we can try these odd things.  Having my list split up generally into the sections of the store helps too.

That being said, I have gotten out of the habits of planning and preparing a list and done the quick "I’ll get food for a few days" stops the past couple of sports seasons and that just doesn’t work for us - I feel like I'm always at the store and spend more money.  I’m attempting to make things better.

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  1. An even better time: R-girl and I can go while M-girl and N-boy have organ lessons on Tuesday afternoons! Yay!


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