Saturday, October 17, 2015

31 Days to Surviving Sports Seasons Sanely: Hot and Sunny Days

Cold days are not the only ones difficult on your athletes and spectators.  Hot and sunny days can be just as taxing.

There are some tricks to avoiding overheated players.  Fill water bottles with ice before adding water. Some kinds of water bottle can be half filled and frozen overnight. 

I’ve seen families who bring a cooler with ice and wet washcloths to wipe on necks. Some girls like using ribbons to tie their short sleeved shirts into a tank top style.

Don’t forget the sunblock! We always have a game in the spring after which we look like lobsters. If you are there for multiple games, don't forget to reapply. If you do get burned, a bottle of aloe stored in the refrigerator provides soothing relief.

Wear ball caps or brimmed hats to shade the head and face.  My parents got us a pair of those folding chairs with sun shades, and those are very nice to have (they don’t work as well for rain as you might imagine).

We don't own these, but the big sun shades are usually a hit with the kids on those hot and sunny games.


  1. It certainly wasn't hot and sunny today! How'd it go keeping warm through all those tournament games?

    1. Lotsa layers, blankets, and an R-girl on my lap (under the blanket). It was cold, but a lovely day for soccer. The kids did great!


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