Saturday, October 24, 2015

31 Days to Surviving Sports Seasons Sanely: Order a Pizza Already

There will come a day when you just need a day off.

During non-sports seasons, I need a day off from cooking, let alone when we’re running out the door many days a week.

Order a pizza already.  Or Chinese food. Or whatever delivers hot and ready to eat to your house.

Even better, if you can order it early in the day and have it delivered at a specific time, that’s the best. Our local Chinese place will do that when I call.  I can set a delivery time on the website of our favorite pizza place.  

I always set this time for 10 minutes after I think we’ll be home. I don’t want the delivery person to have to wait on us or have to deal with people not home. Plus, our food is hot that way.

Do not feel guilty about ordering out. Sometimes, for your sanity, you just have to.
Sometimes you count on your team to keep the ball away from you.


  1. Can I admit that this is my favorite tip? Little breaks from feeding these people pay rich dividends for me. I have so much more energyfor other obligations when I'm not feeding people. :)

    1. Or cleaning up afterwards. I guess this one feels more like permission, but certainly, it may be your favorite :) How were the beans and greens?


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