Thursday, October 15, 2015

31 Days to Surviving Sports Seasons Sanely: Rainy Days

As long as there is no thunder or lightning, soccer happens.  Oh, if the fields are too wet, sometime they’ll be closed, but generally we play in the rain. Our baseball league cancels for rain because they need to protect the diamonds. Basketball cancels if the roads are impassable from snow, but generally has no other weather conditions to consider.

Dressing for wet weather isn’t all that difficult.  Rain jackets or ponchos, layers, umbrellas, and rain boots are good.  

Fall soccer is vastly superior to spring soccer, weather-wise.  It is generally warmer and dryer, but by the end of the season a light frost is not unusual.  Early Saturday games often have dewy, damp fields. Rain boots for mom - cute is a bonus - are a wonderful investment … and the fleece liners help, too.

One final tip, for those soaking wet, drippy cleats? Stuff them with newspapers and - if the furnace is on - set them on the furnace vent. The newsprint will suck the wetness out more quickly than without.

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