Sunday, October 18, 2015

31 Days to Surviving Sports Seasons Sanely: Sports and Neighborliness

We’ve found sports essential to being a part of our community.  

As homeschoolers and members of a church that is 30 minutes away from town, sports have been our entre' into the community.  We’ve made friends with several families from various teams. We have had the opportunity to interact with people from different demographics whether ethnicity or economic or educational.  We’ve had the opportunity to share our faith because of our stance on reserving the Lord’s Day.

We are called to be good neighbors, emulating the good Samaritan, and loving others. Participating in local sports has given us opportunity to do so and opportunities to explain this to our children as we walk along the path of life.  

There have been times where the refrain, “The referee is always right. Even if he is wrong, he is right,” has had to be reinforced. We’ve had opportunities to let our children be instructed by others and we have to either reinforce or correct that teaching. Participating in local, recreational sports helps our children better understand disciplining their physical bodies to do the work of Christ. It helps them understand how to relate to others and not always get their way. It helps them understand how to win without gloating and lose without fear.  These lessons help them - and us - love others better.  

We don’t choose this lifestyle because it’s fashionable or we like to be busy or for college scholarships. We don’t believe that this is the only way to learn or teach these lessons, this is the way we have chosen. We choose this lifestyle because - for us - we learn how to better honor God and love our fellow man.


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