Monday, November 02, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook for November 2, 2015

For Today... Monday November 2, 2015 ... November?!?

Outside my window.... it was misty when we walked but has all burned off so we have a bright blue sky and still some beautiful leaves on the trees.

I am thinking... about what it means to be a royal priesthood in imitation of Christ. 1 Peter 2.

I am thankful... that I had my October posts all scheduled and ready to go. It was like a blogging vacation in October, and I enjoyed Surviving Sports Seasons Sanely. I hope you did too! I'm thankful, too, to be back to my regular posting schedule :)

I am wearing... jeans and a short sleeved top. It's going to be around 70 today. Yay!

I am creating... a thankful tree. Inspired by Candace.

I am going... nowhere today. We left our pup in his crate for a long time yesterday, so he needs some loving today :)

I am wondering... how our school day will go.

I am reading... Teaching from Rest and will be joining Sarah's book club on Periscope starting tonight.

I am hoping... the weather will remain nice enough for us to continue walking in the mornings.  It's good for the dog and for all of us.

I am learning... about planning. I enjoyed Mystie's two workshops - one on digital planning and one on bullet journaling - last week. You can watch them on replay here.  So encouraging.

In my kitchen... I made three kinds of soup on Saturday for Trick or Treat (my parents and the families of two of my brothers came): Chili, Butternut Squash and Apple (my favorite), and Broccoli Cheddar (This recipe. I increased the butter & flour and added broccoli).  Yummy and fun.

In my garden... it's pretty much done for the year.Should trim back the tomato plants and peonies.

In the homeschool... Week 28 of AmblesideOnline Year 4. 3 weeks (including this one) until Yuletide Session! I'd better get to planning.

A favorite quote for today... "Happy Trick or Treat" N-boy when he was 3 at every door.

A peek into one of my days...
Trick or Treat ... May the Force be with you ... 

All I did was cut the lids, the children (with some help from Daddy) did the cleaning and carving. Yay!

One of my favorite things... I love hearing my children play the piano; particularly when they know they need help calming tempers.  

From the board room... November:

Post Script... Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles wrote an amazing 31 Days series that will be a gift to the homeschooling community for years to come. She taught how they do literary analysis for 30 book in their book detectives club. If you haven't been reading it, I highly recommend it.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your Thankful tree! Have a wonderful Monday!!

  2. Your soup recipes sound yummy!!!! I need to hit Mysrie's workshops this week- so sad I missed them live! :(

  3. I will have to try the Broccoli Cheddar soup. Soup is my favorite food, especially with homemade rolls!


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