Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Podcast Addicted: Intro Post

In the fall we got this crazy dog.

He's a plott hound, around 2 years old, and has severe separation anxiety. Well, he seems to be getting better, but in the first couple of weeks he broke out of a series of crates and ate my Bible, love seat, and front blinds.


He does better with a great deal of exercise, so I've been attempting to figure out how to walk him. I think we have a plan now and it involves him, me, my fitbit, and my phone with the Podcast Addict app. For my recent birthday, my brother got me bluetooth headphones which I'm very excited to start using.

In the fall, we were walking a good bit, but then I fell and hurt my arm (I thought I broke it, so thankful I thought wrong), so we took a break for a while. Then, Jason's work, as a part of their wellness initiative subsidized fitbits for participants. I got a Fitbit Charge, found some friends who do daily challenges and away we walk. I've worked my way up, on the best days, to about 3.5 miles, most days at least 2.

When I was off walking because of injury, I took a break from podcasts, so since the New Year, I've been catching up with my favorites. Now that I'm mostly caught up, I thought I'd do a series with some reviews. I've posted some about my favorite podcasts on Instagram, but want to be more complete. So for the next lot of weeks I'm going to post on Tuesdays about my favorite podcasts and why I love them. I'll link them all here as I post them week after week.

Today, though, I want to ask you, my readers, to tell me your favorite podcasts!
  1. The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast
  2. Your Morning Basket
  3. The Schole Sisters Podcast
  4. The Mason Jar/CiRCE Podcast Network
  5. A Delectable Education
  6. Simply Charlotte Mason Audio Blog
  7. Read-Aloud Revival
  8. What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel
  9. Homeschool Snapshot - Guest!
  10. Cultivating the Kingdom
  11. Classics for Kids - call for more podcasts for children


  1. I looooooove podcasts, and I'll list a couple faves you might not be familiar with: Mortification of Spin and Dead Reckoning. I figure you've probably heard of all the ed podcasts I love. :)

    1. Thanks <3 I've heard you speak of Mortification of Spin before. I'll look into them :)

    2. MoS is fine to listen to in front of children as long as the topic isn't one you'd want them to be thinking about (like porn or something), but DR tends to be too mature for little ones -- they are talking about culture and there is just a lot that is too much for littles in culture. Just FYI in case that matters. :)

    3. Thanks. Mostly, it doesn't because I listen with the dog.

      I'm never going to get through The Count of Monte Cristo, though LOL.

  2. And Brandy's Schole Sisters, naturally. I am excited to hear the next episode!

  3. I only listen to a few and they're all ones you're familiar with, but hubby enjoys one called Serial. I'll be interested to find out about any that you listen to that are unfamiliar to me.

    1. Thanks, Anna. With a name like Serial, I'm curious!

  4. I absolutely love podcasts! I listen while I am driving and working around the house. I have come upon some wonderful ideas while podcasting. Some of the ones that I listen to regularly (I won't list the educational ones cause I think we probably listen to the same ones:) The Fountain of Carrots, The Practice, Signposts with Russell Moore, Sorta Awesome, On Being, Mud Stories, What Should I Read Next?, The Liturgists, Off Camera with Sam Jones, and Books on the Nightstand.

    1. What an intriguing list! I like What Should I Read Next? I sometimes listen to On Being on our local NPR station Sunday mornings, is it the same? I don't know the others ... thanks!

  5. Hi Dawn! I meant to comment on this a long time ago! I'm absolutely LOVING the new podcast by Anne Bogel (Modern Mrs. Darcy)- What Should I Read Next? It's so fun to listen to why people love or hate certain books. Plus, who doesn't love a good book recommendation?

  6. Have you listened to Cultivating the Lovely? :)

  7. Also, Gretchen Rubin's "Happier."


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