Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Podcast Addicted: Homeschool Snapshots Guest

I'm so excited to share this, today!

When I wrote the first post in the series, I just intended to write about my ever-expanding list of favorite podcasts. In my first real review, I wrote that The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast was my favorite.

When Pam found out that April 20 (tomorrow!) was my 15th year of blogging and that I wanted to do something special to celebrate that milestone and she invited me to be on the show.

What a fun way to celebrate!

I have enjoyed writing this series about my love of podcasts. It's fun to hear the finished piece, to learn from the interviewees, and think about how I'd answer the questions. When I first started listening, I never imagined I'd be a guest on one. The background process is so fascinating. Questions, setting up and conducting the interview - in the beginning of March (I'm so bad at sitting on my fingers and not sharing!), waiting for all the background editing and production that goes into it. I'd be happy to have done it just for that experience. To see (hear?) - experience - what my favorite podcasters go through to produce such work.

But, really, the best part of the experience was talking with Pam. My friend. We had a wonderful conversation. She drew things out that I hadn't thought directly about, her questions are so good. In fact, I talked so much that I didn't use all the notes I prepared ahead of time for her questions. Now I have some blog fodder. Maybe that's what my blog needs ... someone to just ask me a question so I can ramble on about what I think.

In my episode of Homeschool Snapshots, we talked about my homeschool experience, my blogging experience, and the true friendships which have built out of it - some from since the early days of blogging. 15 years ago. Yikes!

I'm so happy to share it with you, I hope you are edified and encouraged and enjoy our conversation.


  1. Dawn, I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast. Happy Blog-o-versay! :)

  2. "Maybe that's what my blog needs ... someone to just ask me a question so I can ramble on about what I think." << I had to chuckle at this because this is what my friends always say about me! Start me on a CM conversation and I can go all night! LOL I have a good friend whom I run with one evening a week who is coming back from having a baby (like me) and is out of breath on our runs. So she asks me a question at the beginning (like "so what is the importance of narration? go!") and considers it her own personal podcast as I talk for half an hour. :)

    1. I'm impressed that you can have a conversation while running. [breathing hard just thinking about it]

  3. I love both of Pam's podcasts.
    I got teary-eyed at your interview and that's when I know I am hearing some valuable truth on a podcast. Thank you for being so honest. For a laid back mom like me the way you describe the beginning of your journey is something that scares the pants off me! I would probably be afraid to talk to a mom like that.
    I tried a "shallow" homeschool podcast and they never even answered the question the podcast was supposed to be about! So I really appreciate a podcast that doesn't waste my time and is enriching.

    1. I promise, I don't bite! I'd love to continue to have a conversation.

      Pam's work is invaluable to the homeschool community! I agree. I always listen to hers first when they publish.


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