Monday, July 18, 2016

The Simple Woman's Daybook for July 18, 2016

For Today...

Looking out my window ... the thunderstorms have finished rumbling through but the ground and sky shows evidence of their early morning activity.

I am thinking ... about waking the children up. I'd like to let them sleep in after their week at camp, but it's swim lesson week, so they'll need to get up soon-ish.

I am thankful ... for all the work I accomplished while they were gone last week, for my husband's support and love, and for all the podcasts I listened too.

One of my favorite things ... Breakfast in the oven. It's smelling delicious.

I am wearing ... pajamas still. I got up early, but I've not accomplished much.

I am creating ... a book review in my head.

I read ... Cindy Rollins' new book, Mere Motherhood, last night in one sitting. I laughed, I commiserated, I loved it. Such humor, humility, and encouragement to rest in Jesus and his work. To see her learning process. Get your hands on it. I'll be writing more.

I am hoping ... that the school room I worked on last week stays as beautiful as it is now - or at least gets returned to that beauty consistently. I suppose it oughtn't just be hope - I'll need to Work the Plan.

I am learning ...

In my kitchen ... I sauteed some peppers and onions and ham in a big pan, then I poured 10 egg (scrambled) plus milk over the pan and a big handful of cheese. I stirred the cheese in. Then I topped it with more cheese and threw it in the oven to finish. It smells divine. I'm looking forward to breakfast.

In the school room ... last week, it went from this to this. Those are video tours, below is a still picture of the "after."

Post Script
I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved Mere Motherhood. Cindy has written a book that takes my breath away in its tying together the whats and hows and her life. The subtitle: "Morning Times, Nursery Rhymes nad My Journey toward Sanctification" is what you'll find laced with humor, a humble and contrite heart, and straightforward admonition tempered with grace. I absolutely loved it ... and I don't think it is because I loved Cindy before, though I did.

Shared Quote ... "That is how love works. You work hard at it and one day the work becomes joyful. Ordo Amoris." Cindy Rollins, Mere Motherhood page 81

A moment from my day ... I had to leave at 6:30 Saturday morning to get my kids (and a friend) from camp.

It was worth it:

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  1. Hello Dawn, I have enjoyed your post. The children do get tired after camp don't they and isn't it interesting how there is always a rather busy week to follow :) But they always seem to cope. I am a grandmother but still get to hear all about it from the littlies (not so littlies some of them too).



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