Monday, August 22, 2016

Our Weekly Amble for August 8-12, 2016

Two weeks late, but I really do want to keep a record. I'll write last week's in a separate post.

So the week of August 8-12, R-girl and I did most of the things the other children and I had done the week before. M-girl and N-boy had their "Old Enough Others Outing" with Grammy and Grampa.

They got to go paddleboarding, Grammy sent these pictures.
R-girl and I struggled to get her work done. Besides the Olympics, having no siblings to draw her along made for a struggle. All kinds of props for homeschooling moms of only children.

She did do some school:

Latin from Rest.
Watching Iguazu Falls video.
 M-girl and N-boy returned on Wednesday afternoon. Because all three had done school stuff on the previous Thursday-Friday, we were all evened out and caught up! Jason was able to take Thursday off so we headed to the Columbus Museum of Art for their Picasso exhibit.

We had a grand time.

On Friday, the kids were supposed to clean their rooms. That was somewhat less grand.

So it goes.

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