Saturday, February 03, 2018

Our Weekly Amble for January 29-February 2, 2018

I think we had a pretty good week.

We had Whatchamacallit three days, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. With February beginning, we end our "review" month and begin folding in some new content - picking up on Bible, Catechism, and Poetry that weren't quite memorized. We sang a new hymn - except it wasn't new (I forgot where we left off.) We're going to actually do November's hymn in February because we did 0 Morning Times in November.

I need to spend some time finding accompaniment for Morning Time on Amazon Music so the dog will stop singing with us.

When we took down the Christmas decorations last week, I collected all of the Christmas cards we received and two hole punched them; I put book rings through the punches and we'll pray for the family of one card each day and rotate through.

This week we studied Grammar. We're working on emphatic verb forms and questions. We also finished all of the diagramming lessons in First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Level 3. We'll move on to just the diagramming lessons in Level 4. Mostly because I have it and I like the diagramming instruction.

We listened to the February folk song - The Riddle Song - on Thursday. We read a couple of scenes from Comedy of Errors. We did some math from Primary Challenge Math. We're slowly working through The Open Gate.

Math is going well. M-girl has been working on probability and percentages - she's been throwing dice and coins all week. N-boy is working on volume and surface area. R-girl is working on mental calculations and 1000s.

Latin is going well. N-boy and R-girl are moving along. M-girl is working on both her Latin Alive! lessons and assignments from her tutor.

They did their readings so well this week. We had a lot. They had readings on the Tarquins and it was fun to compare Story of the Romans with Publicola. We read about Norse mythology. We read about Noah and comparable Noah stories. We read about the death of Augustus Caesar, Hillel, and the Torah ... there was a lot of comparison with what we know of the Old Testament. We finished the chapter on tides. Galileo became a professor. Plants have roots, y'all. Bobolinks change markings based on migration patterns. We finished A Child's Geography by Hillyer - "Home's a place to come back to." Potassium. Patroclus and Hector died - King Priam ransomed the body. It was a pretty excellent week.

There were no piano lessons because of the fifth Monday. It was the last week of the Fall Organ term.

Wednesday morning we cleaned the house. The kids did readings.

We started Agis and Cleomenes in  Plutarch. Our sloyd project was pencil boxes; the kids ended up making lids for their boxes, too. They also worked on an art project - one of the students in our group is talented at drawing and she is beginning to teach some drawing to the group. We finished with a little Swedish Drill Revisited

Drawing lesson.

Making Sparta great again.
We hit the library after Art and More with Friends. The kids checked out too many books. M-girl is enamored with Hercule Poirot and Flavia de Luce and Redwall. N-boy ventured into the YA section {eek} to check out Ranger's Apprentice books. R-girl checked out Zoobreak. Again. 

Yesterday we went to the Durer exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum (to which I navigated without GPS! Winning.) The kids did a few readings - either before we left (for N-boy who gets car sick) or on the 2+ hour drive. We met some other AO moms, which was great. I've known North Laurel a number of years. It was fantastic to meet her. 

Photo Credit to M-girl
M-girl and I enjoyed trying to translate the Latin on some of the pictures of the Reformers. I really liked the woodcut prints.

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  1. sounds like a lovely week! I love the art & your idea to pray through the Christmas cards is fantastic! :)


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