Tuesday, June 05, 2001

I was snooping around Theospy (the link is to the left under "blogs") and there was a link to this stress test, so I thought, "Why not?" I took the test and this was their response:

You exhibit a stress percentage of
which barely registers. Get a job.
Your Stress Test answers indicate that to reduce your stress level even further you should eliminate at
least one of the following from your life immediately:

Which I thought was pretty funny (1 - I have a job that actually kind of stresses me out, 2 - to reduce my stress I need to be unconscious?)

So I e-mailed the response to Jason, 'cause, as I said, I think it is kind of funny. And this is his response:

"What are you doing at the Spark??? You don't seem like that kind of girl. :-)"

Soooo ... in my efforts to post more for, I learned new things - evidently I don't have enough stress (?!?!) and I'm evidently "not that kind of girl."

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