Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Couldn't someone ask these guys why "playing God" with rhubarb is evil but playing God with humans doesn't seem to bother them at all?

Now, before anyone jumps on my case for opposing stem-cell research, let me explain something. My mom (the one who gave birth to me, not the one who raised me) has had serious medical problems for most of my life. These problems manifest themselves almost like Alzheimer's, but they have more to do with a radiation treatment accident and pieces of her brain having been subsequently removed. I don't tell you this to get your pity or anything, so don't. That's just the way it is and I haven't really known any other way. My grandparents (her primary care-givers) are very pro stem-cell research. I, however, am not and I don't think my mom would be either. Her healing should not come at the cost of someone else's life. Her healing isn't even close to being assured by this research - it is a distant and very slim possibility. While, on the other hand, the lives these embryos could possibly live are much more viable and likely to happen. I don't see that we should be playing God.

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