Tuesday, August 28, 2001

I'm so excited. I ordered The Fruit of Her Hands by Nancy Wilson last week and received it yesterday. I ordered it on the recommendation of several women at church as well as the Reformed women's discussion list that I belong too. It was strange it popped up as a suggestion at several places without my asking. (It is also available from Canon Press under the "Family" section.)

Anyway, since I received it yesterday, seemed more something I ought to read, and was much shorter that my Calvinism book, I started it. Mrs. Wilson is mostly discussing married women and their relationship with her husband, but parts can be applied to all women. She says that we need to be women of the Word instead of the world. So her challenge is to read 10 chapters of the NT a day. She says don't go back and re-read what you miss or don't understand, just read like any other book. And you'll get through the whole NT in a month (you could also read 5 chapters a day for two months) - it would be possible to read the NT 12 times in one year. That seems so challenging to me.

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