Thursday, August 30, 2001

Restaraunt review: Presbytermark requested more local culture, so here goes. City Barbecue in Central Ohio (currently serving two locations - one in Upper Arlington and one in Gahanna) rightly deserves its recent rating as the best BBQ in the city. The facilites are not pretentious - in UA most of the kitchen and storage is clearly visible. The location in Upper Arlington is a former Jolly Pirate Donuts and Gahanna's is in a former Pizza Hut. There isn't a great deal of seating in UA restaraunt, but that may be because of the room the proprietor needs to hold the people who stand in line. And stand in line we do. When they first opened, the lines were so long and they had such a problem with people making call-in orders from their cell-phones in line, they had to establish a $25 minimum order for carry-out.

For dinner tonight, I picked up beef brisket sandwiches with sides of an excellent BBQ sauce (add your own - their motto is something like "we're doing something wrong if we have to drown our meat in sauce"). I also got sides of their coleslaw and outstanding corn pudding.

The only thing City Barbecue really lacks is eat-in space, but bringing this food home is definitely worth the line and the trip.

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