Tuesday, September 18, 2001

In the Garrett household, whoever leaves last puts Zeke (our dog) out for the day. Zeke (Ezekiel Hezekiah) can be a scardy-dog. One of the things (other than the vacuum cleaner) he's scared of is thunderstorms and we had a pretty loud storm last night. It happened that I was the later leaver this morning, and I had not thought about the storms in the night (I slept like a rock!). Often, Zeke will go in his in-door cage after Jason has gone and I'm finishing getting ready to leave, today was no exception. I stood by his cage and merrily announced, "Zeke, its time to go bye-bye" which is his clue to stand next to the door and he's pretty good about following that direction. He didn't come right away, so I said, "Zeke, come" to which he came out. He made his circle like he was going to the door then snuck under the kitchen table. This surprised me, so I called him again. This time he stood about 4' from the door. When I reached out to get his collar he skittered back under the table, across the kitchen floor, and into the living room where he lay down and cowered next to the couch (which I didn't expect at all). I got his collar and walked him to the back door. He was a bit skittish about crossing the kitchen floor, but we made it out to his chain. I hooked him up like always and walked back into the house to wash my hands and grab my stuff. Usually, Zeke stands there and watches until I pull my car out the driveway, but today he immediately crawled into his out-side box (and if the noise from his chain is any indication, he crawled all the way to the back).

I hope it has quit storming and he's had a good day.

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