Thursday, September 13, 2001

Jim Hart is usually the media commentator, but I have had a couple of thoughts on the media's coverage of Tuesday's events which I have followed on TV, Radio, and the 'net.

First, I am amazed that none of the rescue workers have punched journalists in the face for their lack of common courtesy. I understand that they want information; I want information. However, I don't want it at the expense of a rescue worker's break time. These workers are in the in the midst of the horror for enough time, when they take a moment to walk away, let them walk away and try not tho think about it for a moment or two - not that I think they can really get away from the thoughts, but don't make them describe it!

Second, I just spoke with my mom who's a school teacher. She and the other teachers have discussed how the kids weren't excessively afraid or extra worried until the networks came up with the "cute" (for lack of a better term) names for their newscasts: "Attack on America," "Terrorism in America," etc. These graphics are plastered across Fox and CNN and the networks. We already know something horrible has happened, take the graphic down, show more than a quarter of the screen in your coverage.

Otherwise, I am grateful for our modern news capabilities. Solid reports have been sorted through and presented in a consistent manner and the journalists have all obviously worked many long hours this week.

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