Friday, February 08, 2002

I thought I'd share with you all part of my beautiful office. I keep office better than I keep house ... so here you go!

The great big printer is really nice to have near me. The white board is almost never used, same with the inbox. The little picture is from a friend at a previous job. The file drawers hold, miscellaneous files, paper for the printer, and COBRA files (its sad that I need so much file space! - I have a whole 'nother two drawer file that is also full of COBRA stuff) The peninsula is really the only workspace I have as the part of the desk behind me has 5 bankers' boxes full of term files, and my radio, phone, and CPU go on the other side. We have no windows in the office, so I got some tulips to make it pretty. I love tulips. I also love my Franklin Planner 'cause it keeps me organized and helps me keep my office nice and neat. There's a bit of paperwork there, but I finished it that day. And the poster. The poster is awesome. Really, it and the tulips are why I took the picture. The poster has so much Ohio State football memorabilia on it. It is from the 1998 season where, had we beaten Michigan State we would've been National Champions. I was at that game. I'm still bitter. But, the poster is cool. Has football cards and a football signed by all the OSU Heisman Trophy winners. One of my boss' friends is an usher at the stadium and gave it to my boss, and my boss gave it to me. I like my boss :)

Anyway, I'm not cool enough, smart enough, or have time enough to code little hovering things like the Dane, Brandon, and Dani did. But I like my desk anyway. I'd like it more if we had windows to the outside world.

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