Wednesday, March 27, 2002

I heard something about Seder meals on the radio this morning, read about them on Scott's blog, then my sister emailled me telling me she was going to one with a family at her church this evening. This is what I emailled her back. I'm not certain about all of this, nor have I studied it really at all, these are (as I say) simply my first impressions:
I'm not really certain what to think about Seder meals. I've been thinking about this recently as I've heard a couple of people discuss Seder meals, and haven't totally wrapped my thoughts about it yet. This is just my first impression and I certainly don't want to dampen your excitement!

I think it is interesting how they tie in as types and signs of what Christ was coming to do for us. And that knowledge is important and I think cool to learn about. And, since there is some speculation that Daddy's family was Jewish when (or before) they immigrated to the States, that heritage seem so much more enticing to me. The covenant promises of faith are worked out through the generations. Praise be the Lord!

However, Paul makes such a strong case that Gentile Christians did not have to become Jewish to become followers of Christ, participating in the types and symbols of what was coming seems to be a step back in faith rather than a step forward. As those types and symbols are but shadows of what is to come, and we now have Jesus as "what is to come," the types and symbols are less important/interesting to me. I don't know if that makes sense? Another way to think about it: it seems like the Seder meal has been replaced by the Lord's Supper as circumcision has been replaced by baptism as the sign of covenantal faith.
What think ye?

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