Friday, March 08, 2002

So, I got up early Tuesday morning and headed out before work to Meijer in the hopes that they had shelved the new Jars of Clay CD that was to be released that day. The Eleventh Hour is a pleasant mixture of their self-titled debut and what they've learned by having other producers work with them. The depth and heart of lyrics from the first album is missing, which is a shame, and I wouldn't say there's a lot of songs that stand out on this album except maybe "Revolution" which comes to mind as the "Flood" song here, but in general the other songs don't always differentiate themselves. I could've liked the drums to be mixed a little more behind the scenes.

All that being said, there's nothing that isn't enjoyable to listen to. Nobody is really talking about the songs I'm drawn to: "Something Beautiful," "The Eleventh Hour," or "Scarlet." Scarlet is a particularly interesting reference to The Scarlett Letter, I believe, but there isn't enough lyric to really understand what they're trying to say - which in some ways wants me to keep listening! Overall, I'd say that this is better than If I Left the Zoo, and not quite as good as Much Afraid which had a lot of music that didn't make it onto the debut album, which is still far and away my favorite.

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