Saturday, June 15, 2002

I promised you a tale of an adventure ...

Poor Zeke, he knows something must be up as we're getting all dressed up, which we rarely do if we've nowhere to go. Today, we have a wedding to attend in Detroit for one of Jason's co-workers.
So, off we go to the airport where we'll be flying in one of these ...
Notice how amazingly clear it is in Columbus - we get very few days that are this beautiful. Here is Jason and I in front of our conveyance for the day:
Our pilot is a another of Jason's co-workers who had two seats open up the week before the wedding, and we decided to fly with him (he's the guy with his back to the camera at the front wheel). The flight was fairly memorable; I had brought some chocolate chip cookies for us and our companions, little did I know that flying in the clouds above Detroit was going to cause me to toss them (ironic, no?). No pictures of that - aren't you glad I've spared you? We landed in Pontiac, MI, got the rental car, and drove around lost for a while, but made it just as Jason's other co-workers were arriving at the wedding, just before it began. The Bride and Groom released the pews which gave us a chance to get this picture of her in her wedding dress - a borrowed kimono. She has been a missionary in Japan and had a mission to Japanese women in Detroit, so this seemed very appropriate and quite lovely.
We stayed for part of the reception, then stopped at a Kroger for some dramamine for me. We also had been given the recommendation that if I sat in the front, it would be better, but I'm not sure it really mattered, because, as you can see, I slept all the way home.
Overall, it was a lot of fun to get to fly in something small and hear the directions and see the pilot at work.

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