Monday, June 17, 2002

Looks like the PC(USA) GA elected a new moderator:

1. The new moderator, Rev. Fahed Abu-Akel, believes, "It’s OK to be afraid. I remember that 4-year-old boy who discovered, and is still discovering, that Jesus Christ is the only hope for a broken world."

2. I grew up in a PC(USA) church and never once heard the term "Reformed," Rev. Abu-Akel has as one of his goals, "Spiritual renewal: 'As Reformed Presbyterians, we have a tremendous opportunity to draw upon our traditions and our rich heritage in spiritual formation to bring about the spiritual renewal of our church members. It is only through its own spiritual renewal that the church can be effective in mission.'"

Of course, he also said the PC(USA) needs to "cultivate 'unity in diversity.'" [on the radio broadcast, I thought they said "unity and diversity" which seemed somewhat contradictory] Also, his church, Atlanta's First Presbyterian, doesn't seem to be part of the Confessing Church Movement.

My parents went to worship yesterday morning and enjoyed the service very much.

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