Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Well, I don't have much of an excuse for my two week holiday from blogging, but I'll share what I've got.

First, I'm really trying to post only from home, I know you can't really tell from the times of many of my latest posts, but the frequency is at least lessened quite a bit. I'm feeling really convicted that I need to do my surfing/posting at home or at the least on my lunch hour, which is hard when there are so many good blogs that I like to read. This quote from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening today really hits home: "Citizen of heaven, let your walk and actions be consistent with your high dignity."

However, summer is upon us in Columbus, Ohio and the computer room in our cape cod home is in one of the poorly air-conditioned upstairs bedrooms and making the trek to sit in sweltering heat has barely encouraged me to check my email, let alone surf and blog.

Last week (the week of Independence Day), Jason and I both took the week off - me to kill some vacation days I was going to lose, and he so that whilst I was killing days, we could change our family room from 70s paneling darkness to this:

Once we had finished that task, and I cleaned house for a day or two, exhaustion tended to win over surfing, so I apologize, dear reader, for my lack of blogging, and hope to return to regular posting (in the evening!) soon. I appreciate your patience and forebearance.

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