Monday, August 26, 2002

I finished Susan Howatch's Wheel of Fortune a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed the novel. It, first and foremost, had a sense of its history. I liked that it was a progression of the generations of one family and that the passage of time through generations was easy and realiztic. Never did I feel a sudden jolt that we changed decades.

What I really enjoyed in the book, though, was how it presented that sins of one generation were passed down - not as the same sins, nor with the punishment only, but that the sins of one generation affected how the next made decisions out of a sense of what was "fair" rather than what might have been right. Each section of the book held out the promise of redemption for the family and their home: Oxmoon. Yet, the realization of that promise was tantalizingly out of grasp - grace was necessary in the end.

Definitely recommended reading.

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